Hype for Blurryface

Tyler Joseph released the full track list on his instagram, along with a comment about his reaction to the album.

Tyler Joseph released the full track list on his Instagram, along with a comment about his reaction to the album.

The new twenty one pilots album, Blurryface, is set to release on May 19, 2015. As of today, May 1, 2015, the band has already released three of the songs on the track list, and a short version of the final song appeared on their YouTube channel in 2012.

Having already heard “Stressed Out,” “Fairly Local,” “Tear in My Heart,” and the short version of “Goner,” I can easily say that I think this will be TOP’s best album yet.

Based upon how much discussion I’ve seen on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, it seems as though other fans share my belief. Comments on Instagram posts–specifically the one above with the track listing–reflect mass anticipation for the rest of the album to drop.

The content of the album also seems much better and more interrelated than in any of their previous albums. The title Blurryface is a reference to Tyler Joseph’s various insecurities and mental illnesses. He refers to this personality within himself as Blurryface (hence the title). There’s a lot of speculation that Blurryface can also represent the worst parts of each and every one of us as well. The album is supposed to be something of a story of Joseph’s battle against Blurryface, with each of the songs being something like a chapter in the story.

I’m counting down the days to the highly anticipated Blurryface to drop, and hoping that TOP releases more singles before the 19th.


Kings All Around

So last night, the entire high school chorus went to see The Lion King at the Aronoff Theatre downtown. It was my first time seeing the production, and as it is one of my favorite Disney movies, I was obviously very excited to see it.

I actually cried when my favorite song, “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King,” started playing. The boy who played young Simba was incredible and confident, which is unusual in such a young actor.

After the show, while talking to my friends about the production and Prom, I was thinking how fitting it is that we saw The Lion King the day before Prom. I’m sure that the four guys on Prom court are internally embracing their young Simba in preparation for the big title.

Hush Little Baby

As most of the school knows, Mrs. McGahey recently had her third child: Ella McGahey. As a gift from chamber choir, we have decided to create a CD of lullabies for the baby.

We have one full-group lullaby, “Hush Little Baby,” which has some pretty awesome harmony if I do say so myself.

Each section is also doing an individual lullaby. Altos (my section) are singing “Swing Low Sweet Chariot,” and I hadn’t heard it until Friday when we worked on the lullaby for the first time.

The first time we worked on the song, it took us a solid twenty minutes to figure out harmonies. Finally, we figured it out, but couldn’t record because we were missing an alto. So today, we go to record, having figured out the harmonies, but we can’t. Because we’re missing another alto.

Stay tuned to find out if the altos ever get it together and all come to school on the same day.

Final Remarks on the Spring Musical

The musical is over. I have so much free time, and I don’t know how to spend it.

This year’s musical, Singin’ in the Rain, was one of my favorite productions in all of high school. Personally, I think it had some of the best male leads since the era of Peter Laug and Ryan Fine. So I’d like to spend this blog post discussing the future male vocal talent at Mariemont High School.

The sophomore guys this year are absolutely astounding. Santi Martinez, who played the lead role of Don Lockwood, has a smooth and angelic voice. For the most part, Santi’s talent was already evident from his role in last year’s musical, but his performance this year was above and beyond anything we’ve seen him do thus far. Kyle Nienaber, who played Cosmo Brown, has a unique voice and an astounding range. This was Kyle’s first lead role, and no one knew he was such a performer! Ethan Crouse, who performed as a featured vocalist, blew us all out of the water this year with his talent. With Singin’ being his debut production, his song was a favorite among many audience and cast members. All of the singing sophomore boys surprised us with their talent and stage presence, though.

As a senior who has dedicated her time to every production she possibly could have over the past four years, I can easily say that I’m glad these boys will be stealing the show for the next two years.

The Wheels are back on the bus

Last week, I received the best news I’ve possibly ever heard: Wheels is making new music. 

Their record company, owned by one of the members of Wheels, has an indiegogo page to fundraise for recording equipment, studio time, editing software, and hard-copy printing. On their page, one of the options is to donate $500 and receive a private house show. 

As many people already know, I’m a huge Wheels fan, so this news was incredibly exciting! A few friends and I are planning to raise the $500, and we want to make the show public. I mean, we can’t keep the sheer talent from the people! So why not help the community? 

Anyway, I’m super excited about Wheels, and they’re pretty much the only band I’ve been listening to in my car for a week and a half. 

*Also, if you’d like to contribute to the show in any way, or if you have any suggestions in regards to location, feel free to contact me!* 

Snow days and pancakes

We’ve had about a week off of school due to weather, and I’ve tried to take advantage of each and every rare snow day. On our first snow day (Tuesday), I decided that it would be a great idea to make pancakes for my siblings. Obviously, I couldn’t make boring, normal pancakes, so I tried out making banana pancakes for the first time.

They turned out amazing.

On the left is my Jack Johnson playlist with some of my favorite songs like "Cocoon" and "Symbol in My Driveway." On the right are the incredible pancakes I made. (PHOTOS BY WOOD)

On the left is my Jack Johnson playlist with some of my favorite songs like “Cocoon” and “Symbol in My Driveway.” On the right are the incredible pancakes I made. (PHOTOS BY WOOD)

Since I was making banana pancakes, and it was a carefree snow day with absolutely no responsibilities, I obviously had to sing “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson. It’s a sweet, acoustic song about leaving your worries behind and just taking a day to appreciate your loved ones and the little things in life.

After I started singing the song I hadn’t heard in years, I decided to create a Jack Johnson playlist. I listened to him for the rest of the day, almost nonstop, and it was amazing. Hearing all of his simple, mostly acoustic, yet incredible songs made me think of my childhood. Countless evenings were spent listening to Jack Johnson in my dad’s old pickup truck on the way to or from a campfire at an old friend’s house, or heading to or from the river to canoe in some fundraiser my dad’s friends ran. It was so amazing to be able to go back to that time where there really were no stresses in my life, especially now that I’m starting to get packed and ready to go away for college.

If you have any artists that (even somewhat) defined your childhood, I would strongly suggest going back and listening to them. Even if it’s just a song or two. It’s nice to escape the future for awhile.

Up and Coming Events

Now that it’s second semester, there are so many things coming up music-wise.

Because I’m in chamber choir, my entire choir class participates in an annual music competition. This competition, OMEA (Ohio Music Education Association), is one where the competitors do not compete with one another, but rather with themselves. Each solo or ensemble performs in a room with judges, and they are rated I-V (I being the best, V being the worst). Our region’s OMEA is tomorrow afternoon.

We are performing an ensemble piece, “Set Me as a Seal,” which means that we are not allowed to have our director, Mrs. McGahey, onstage with us. We must also have the song completely memorized.

Honestly, I don’t believe we’re ready to perform. Not only is the song itself horrible and nonsensical, we sound like we’re chanting the entire thing because it’s so low. Hopefully we can pull it together by 1:24pm tomorrow.

Other upcoming (and less pressing) events include quarterly choir projects (third quarter is Broadway themed, and fourth quarter is pretty much a free-for-all), the musical, Latin con talent show, and choral awards at the end of the year. There will be posts about each of these performances in the future, but for now, I’m going to leave it at my desperate hope that the ensemble piece comes together by tomorrow.